My writings can be found in trade journals, academic conference papers and poster sessions, memos and briefings, and blog posts.

Editorial experience includes advisory board, article review, and copy editing duties and skills.

Online-based publications are also listed on this page and include LibGuides, databases, and webpages.

Trade Journals

LexisNexis: Best Practices for Libraries
Kent, Angela J.A., “Open Government Data,” 2014, pg. 98-100.

LexisNexis: Best Practices for Libraries
Kent, Angela J.A., “Learning About Current Federal Libraries’ Resources,” 2013, pg. 212-215.

Journal of International Peace Operations
Aranas, Angela June., “Intelligence 2.0.,” 2009, vol.5, no.3, pp.15-16.

Conference Papers

(abstract reviewed)

Aranas, Angela., “Intelligence & Non State Actors,” Proceedings of the International Studies Association Annual Meeting. March 16, 2011.

Aranas, Angela., “Canadian & American Intelligence Systems,” Proceedings of the International Studies Association Annual Meeting. March 16, 2011.

Full papers available upon request: Contact Angela.
For additional conference papers and posters, see Presentations section.

Editorial Experience

Advisory Board Member (invited). Proposed monograph to be published by the Special Libraries Association.

Editorial Committee Member (selected). Code4Lib Journal.

Article Reviewer. Documents to the People (DttP). Serials Librarian Journal. International Journal of Librarianship (IJoL).

Editorial Specialist, Deputy to the Publisher. National Intelligence Journal. Vol.1, no.1, 2009.

Judge/Reviewer. Notable Government Documents. Documents to the People.

Judge. Documentaries and Websites. Texas National History Day.

For additional editorial skills, see Skills section.

Blog Posts

First Five Years Blog Posts. Topics: young professionals in special libraries. Written for the Special Libraries Association. 2015.

INALJ Blog Posts. Topics: career and job searching. Written exclusively for INALJ. 2014.

Blog Post. “Open Access, Federal Librarians, and Open Source Integrated
Library Systems.” Topic: open access, federal librarians, and social science librarians. Written for the Special Libraries Association. 2013

For additional short writings, see Ephemera section.


Copyright & Beyond (2012). Keywords: Copyright, Open Access, beyond “copyright” movements (for undergraduates). No longer available.

This LibGuide was developed with an undergraduate, academic community in mind. It explores the history and current state of copyright (2012) and how movements beyond “copyright” impact undergraduate communities. Versions of this LibGuide were accepted into the Catholic University of America’s Libraries’ LibGuide collection (“Copyright Basic” & “Copyright Advance”).

The Art & Science of Espionage & Diplomacy (2012). Keywords: Espionage, Diplomacy. No longer available.

This LibGuide was created to represent the organization of information. It includes surrogate records and provides a possible representation of what a record would look like in a fully functional online environment. The organization of the records by format was selected as an example of how different records would look within the collection’s metadata. This collection represents works related to the espionage and diplomacy. The works come from a variety of disciplinary perspectives — everything from political science to visual arts.

God of Abraham Assignment (2013). Private/closed LibGuide.

This LibGuide was created for an FYE (First Year Experience) Religious Studies course. It was recommended and requested by the instructor for use in subsequent semesters. It has since been used and adapted by other library instructors.


Global Terrorism Database (GTD) Crowdsourcing Database (2013). Beta, no longer active.
Web-based form and database based on the Global Terrorism Database variables. PHP, MySql. XHTML, CSS. 000Webhost support.