DLC Day 2

Coverage about federal government info on all fronts: collecting (specifically digtized and born-digital), curation and preservation. On the other side is then: awareness, outreach, and analytics. Overlaying all of this is access — appropriate since it is also Open Access Week.

From specific gov docs programs to broad U.S. government information aggregators, there was a lot to learn and revisit on digital repositories and UX data analytics. There were both new and cutting-edge solutions as well as simple and practical solutions that would fit into the reference data gap I’m currently observing.

From link rot to reference rot, keeping up with the changing government information landscape requires many organizations, rather than just a single entity who could not do it all. And aligns with the fed docs mantra: “Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe.”

USAGov program highlighted their emergency response role to relay current and authoritative government information. Simple, yet quick, moves to meet people where they were at with their pressing information needs. Their data analytics dashboard for both federal government-wide and USAGov data is straightforward and impressive.

In conjunction with Open Access Week, Internet Archive shared the latest on not just U.S. government documents collections, but also their Open Libraries initiative for controlled digitization lending of modern books.