DLC Day 1

The Depository Library Council (DLC) conference is an annual event normally held in Arlington, VA. As with most, the conference has moved online.

Kickoff with an update from the Archivist of the U.S (AOTUS) who provided a rundown on the social media strategy and transition in light of COVID and the upcoming general election. Fun fact, the current AOTUS is the first librarian appointed to the office.

Sessions were a flurry of digital content access, management, and preservation. The quest for essentially a digital LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) initiative made me think and re-introduce myself to the world of open(ing) government activism and initiatives. Apropos for Open Access Week.

Unsurprisingly and undoubtedly going down the digital rabbit hole of persistent digital identifiers. It was a like a pre-class primer for data science and I couldn’t have been more grateful. In addition to getting just a bit more familiar with the work of URI, URN, PURLs and the like, it re-introduced me to the world of resolver services and digital object naming conventions. A lot was still over my head, but understanding the conclusions and outcomes is usually what I’m after and interested in.