Learning about hackathons

I’d been curious to learn just what a hackathon was. When I saw the overview for the HobbyHacks, it looked like this could be my chance to find out more.

The FAQs noted that anyone could join, regardless of your programming skills. I signed up, not knowing what I was getting myself into.

I jumped into the Discord group and learned about some of the other attendees and just looked around to figure out what was going on.

The intro session I attended, couldn’t have been better. The presenter described their first hackathon experience, with pretty much the same mindset I’m having. Explore, learn, be as involved as you liked. When they said they didn’t even know how to program, they didn’t build anything, and just attended the workshops, I thought this was what I could get out of this. Get a feel for what’s going on here and figure out the rest later.

I attended the Git workshop and ran into my first snag: updating my OS system. Since I’m not going to be creating a project and currently working on code, I decided against shutting down my whole system and just followed along. On my to do: (1) download Homebrew (done) (2) download latest iOS (3) complete package download.